Gray Washable Plastic Nest Pads - 6 Pack - MADE IN USA

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Dura-Pad Poultry Nest Pads


6 Pack - You will receive 6 Pads


Dura-Pad has holes in the center of each cluster of blades and slotted openings between the clusters to create more open area than any other pad.

The increased open space provides better dirt and manure filtration creating a cleaner environment.

The larger open area also makes Dura-Pad easier to clean.


Dura-Pad is made out of high-grade virgin polyethylene to ensure superior wear and longevity.


The rounded tops contribute to the hens comfort, help ensure a safe egg roll off and stop feathers from clinging to the shell.



Size: 11-13/16" x 12-3/4" (30.00 cm x 32.39 cm)
Weight: 0.36 lbs. (0.16 kg)


All Dura-Pad plastic nest pads contain the Bio-Pruf anti-microbial additive that inhibits the growth of microorganisms.

This additive is dispersed throughout the entire floor during the manufacturing process. This ensures its continued protection throughout the life of the pad. It will not wash or wear off.